About Us

Customer Commitment

We deliver a top quality on-site cleaning service.
You relax as we renew the bright clean look to your specialized curtains, rugs and upholstery in your home or office.
We guarantee a deep hygienic clean, ideal for allergy sufferers, young children or clients with a reduced natural immunity.
We can clean any type of fabric on curtains, delicate rugs and upholstery with no shrinkage, colour runs or fading; including silks, velvets, velours, cottons and rayons.
We do not take shortcuts on our cleaning process, We do NOT shampoo or towel bonnet the surface leaving residual, dirt and cleaning product in the backing (this causes rapid re-soiling and provides a breeding ground for bacteria and mold spores).
Our operators work to the highest standard and code of practice. No equipment or cleaning products are placed directly onto floors or furniture.

Cleaning Process

Step 1 - We use industrial strength vacuuming to remove dust, grit, hair and other foreign matter.
Step 2 - We pre-treat stains.
Step 3 - We use our purpose-built cleaning system with either solvent or wet cleaning.
Step 4 - We sanitize, and where necessary, re-invigorate dye colours.



1. By acceptance of quote you agree to all terms and conditions of the quoted sale. Receipt of a deposit will indicate your acceptance of quote and understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions.

2. 50% deposit is due on acceptance of quote and balance of payment is due COD. Interest will be charged on accounts that run over 7 days. Interest rate calculated at prime plus 5%.

Accounts not settled in 30 days, will be handed over for collection. All recover costs and legal costs will be charged to the client.

3. Insitu Curtains and Cleaning does not accept responsibility for clients goods while in transport to and from site.

4. We do not accept responsibility for fabrics that may shrink or drop due to normal situations. Any curtains that need to be shortened or lengthened due to movement will be for the customers expense. We also do not accept responsibility for fabrics that may vary in colour or texture from samples shown.

5. All holes will be pollyfilled, however paint work will not be touched up.

6. Insitu Curtains and Cleaning take no responsibility for any furniture, fixture or fitting that may accidentally get damaged through the cleaning or installation of curtains. Please remove all valuables and clear area around installation site. Any loss or damage to property can not be claimed against Insitu Curtains and Cleaning. 

7. Guarantee of workmanship and installation is for 3 months. There after a call out fee and repair fee will be charged. Anything that does not seem right must be brought to the companies attention within 7 days of installation.