What is the INSITU way

Insitu Way

What is the INSITU way

With today’s varied styles of window treatments, fabrics and construction styles, conventional wet cleaning is not always possible. The Solution is un mistakable... On Site curtain and blind cleaning.

InSitu cleaning is an innovative process that permits curtain cleaning at the customers home or place of business. It also offers a unique solution for large curtain drops found in theatres and convention halls that are too difficult or too time consuming to remove. InSitu cleaning are the preferred supplier for several of the top hotel groups and private homes in Johannesburg. 


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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
  • Onsite curtain and blind cleaning, curtains are cleaned where they hang
  • Rug and fitted carpet cleaning
  • Upholstry cleaning
  • Fabric protection and leather care
  • Fabric freshners and anti mildew treatments